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These general conditions refer to the purchase of products and services, using distance shopping methods over the internet, from the "BigOneRunners.com" website belonging to Professional Dietetics S.r.l., with registered office in Milan (MI), via Menotti 1/A and managed by Triboo S.p.A., with registered office in Macherio (MI), via Vittorio Veneto ang. via Cadorna. Such purchases are reserved to direct Customers only, excluding all other subjects, including retailers, wholesalers, traders, professionals, etc. who intend to sell on the products to other third parties. Each purchase transaction will be regulated by the provisions pursuant to L.D. n. 205/2006 (Consumers' Code) and also by the provision safeguarding the protection of personal data as foreseen by L.D. n. 196 dated June 30th 2003 (Privacy Law).

Acceptance of the general sales conditions
On confirming the on-line purchase order, Customers unconditionally accept and, regarding their relations with Professional Dietetics, undertake to comply with all general and payment terms and conditions below; they also declare to have read and accepted all the provided indications on the above referred to laws and regulations, acknowledging that Professional Dietetics is not bound by any conditions that are not agreed to in writing.

Customer Commitments
The general sales conditions must be reviewed on-line by the Customers visiting the BigOneRunners.com website before sending any purchase orders.

Purchase Procedures
BigOneRunners.com is an on-line shop selling food supplements. The purchase of products, available as illustrated and described on-line in the relative product fact sheets, shall be effected by Customers at the prices indicated on the website at the time the order is confirmed, plus shipping expenses as illustrated in Art. 6 below, and displayed on-screen when the purchase is made. Before confirming the purchase, Customers will be displayed a summary sheet with the unit cost for each selected product, the total cost when the order refers to a number of products, plus relative shipping expenses. After confirming the purchase and completing the transaction, Customers will receive an e-mail with the date, total amount of the order and full details on the same.

The payment for the purchased products and relative shipping expenses, shall be selected by Customers when they confirm the order; the options include the use of one of the various credit cards indicated on-line, payment by PayPal, or cash on delivery to the courier. If payment is made by credit card, the user data is cryptographed and sent using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system directly to the Banca Sella server which guarantees secure transmission of data according to the banking procedures currently in force. Every method of payment will be directed to Triboo S.p.A., who is in charge of the website like aforementioned.

Delivery of products
The purchased products will be delivered by BigOneRunners.com via Triboo S.p.A. c/o Arcese Logistic, via Groane 6 - 20031 Cesano Maderno (MI) to the address indicated by the Customer. Deliveries will be made on all working days. The delivery of products by BigOneRunners.com can also be made with partial consignments, for which BigOneRunners.com is under no circumstances liable. The couriers used to deliver products do not make advance telephone calls and do not make deliveries at specific times. Generally the products will be delivered by BigOneRunners.com to the courier within 48 hours, from the first working day after receiving the order (when payment is effected by credit card or cash on delivery to the courier); this is not binding for BigOneRunners.com and depends on whether or not the products are in stock, and if there are any delays caused by Acts of God. All Customers are required to check that the packaging is intact on arrival, that it is not damaged or wet and complies with all the standard characteristics (illustrated above) foreseen for BigOneRunners.com supplies. Customers should only accept the delivery after carefully checking the packaging, as no claims will be accepted regarding external features of the packaging after the delivery has been made. If the delivery does not correspond to the order made, in relation to the procedure above, Customers are required to inform the courier of their complaint and send an e-mail via the website or contact one of our operators using the chat on-line service.

Warranties and faulty products
All products purchased through BigOneRunners.com are subject to what foreseen, where applicable, by Legislative Decree n. 24 dated 2.2.2002 (OG n. 57, 8.3.2002) with regard to sales contracts and the guarantees provided for consumer goods and, unless otherwise indicated, all specific provisions foresee by the Italian Civil Code. The warranty is applicable to products that have non-conformities or defects that were not detected on delivery, on the condition that the product was used correctly, ensuring it was used for what it was designed for, and in compliance with all technical documentation and specifications. This warranty will not be applicable to products in cases of negligence, careless use and lack of maintenance. The warranty is personal and only applicable to the original buyer, as purchasing is reserved to direct customers and not available to traders, retailers etc. Any non-conformities detected on the products must be reported within 10 (ten) days from receiving the products. Written notice must be attached to the package by the Customer when the faulty products are returned to BigOneRunners.com . BigOneRunners.com reserves the right to verify the fault detected by the Customer before making any replacements. The request will only be accepted if the package is sent with the following documents attached: purchase invoice, order number and date, brief description of the fault or defect detected. All expenses incurred to return the product are charged to the Customer. If these procedures are not abided by, the replacement times could be considerably delayed.

Withdrawal right
All purchases made via the BigOneRunners.com website are regulated by the Italian laws applicable to distance sales. In the event an incorrect order was made (I ordered and received a product I did not want) Customers have 10 (ten) days, from the delivery date, within which to exercise their withdrawal right, i.e. the right to return the product. BigOneRunners.com accepts the return of all products without on the condition they are in perfect condition, and will refund the amount paid (except packaging and delivery expenses, as foreseen by the Italian laws in force). The returned goods must be correctly packaged, include a copy of the delivery note and be sent to: Triboo S.p.A. c/o Arcese Logistic, via Groane 6 - 20031 Cesano Maderno (MI).

All personal data that Customers provide and will provide during all transactions, are processed to fulfil all obligations pursuant to the purchase contract and comply with all obligations enforced by laws, regulations or EC directives. All Customer personal data is processed for advertising and promotional purposes only if expressly authorised in advance by the same, by "clicking" on the relative box on the registration form. Article 7 of the Law, indicated below, indicates the rights due to Customers regarding the processing of the personal data they supply.

Information and claims
For any further information or claims, please contact BigOneRunners.com using the Online Customer Services pages.

Jurisdiction and Competent Court
This Contract is governed by the Italian law. Any disputes that should arise regarding the validity, interpretation or execution of this Contract will be the jurisdiction of the Court in the location of residence or domicile of the Consumer, on the condition it is Italy.

Rights to access personal data and other rights (art 7 L.D. n. 196 dated June 30th 2003)
1.The interested party has the right to request confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning you exists, regardless of their being already recorded, and communication of such data in an intelligible form.

2.In particular, the party has the right to obtain indications on: a) to receive information on the origin of the personal data; b) on the purpose and processing methods; c) on the logic used in the case where the data is processed using electronic equipment; d) on the personal data of the Controller, the persons in charge and the designated representatives pursuant to Art, 5 paragraph 2; e) the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who may become aware of such data in their capacity as Designated Representatives for the Country or Persons in Charge of Processing.

3.The party has the right to obtain indications on: a) the updating, rectification or, where interested therein, integration of the data; b) erasure, anonymisation or blocking of data that have been processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or subsequently processed; c) certification to the effect that the operations as per items a) and b) have been notified, as also related to their contents, to the entities to whom or which the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate effort compared to the right that is to be protected.

4.The interested party is entitled to refuse total or partial: a) processing of his personal data, for legitimate reasons, despite them being relevant to the purpose of the collection; b) the processing of his personal data for the distribution of advertising materials or for market research or business communications.

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